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The Faculty of Technology started with the College on its inception as a premier training Institution. At the moment the faculty has one department - Department of ICT.


The Faculty of Technology has become very popular among prospective applicants because of the diverse nature of programmes offered to students. The Faculty has a flexible approach to instruction by incorporating measures that allow students to choose programme paths that suit their future aspirations. Though all programmes are directed at training students to become seasoned industry experts, they are also free to seek employment with various organisations and agencies involved in education.

The Mission

The Faculty of Technology has the mandate to train professionals in Computing Technology as IT Managers, developers and administrators as well as conduct research into technology, disseminate knowledge from research and contribute to development in Ghana.

The Vision

To be recognized internally as pace-setters in the development of appropriate strategies for technology implementation at all levels of industry and the fore-runners of research into issues of technology.

Aims of the Faculty

The Faculty through the various departments seek to provide:

  1. quality technology education that will be recognized internationally
  2. opportunities for students to develop their unique technological skills that will enable them to become expert technology professionals in their career.
  3. a conducive atmosphere for interactions between students and recognized subject specialists
  4. a suitable learning environment that will enhance students’ acquisition of knowledge in their areas of specialization
  5. a suitable teaching environment for lecturers it employs so as to facilitate the state-of-the-art instructional modes for the benefit of all learners.

Resource available for the Faculty

Physical Facilities:

Large Lecture Halls equipped with modern state-of-the-art teaching equipment like LCD TV, Projector, electronically controlled boards, Smart Boards and Public Address systems. There are also a number of medium-size lecture halls, relatively well-equipped Computer Laboratories All lecture rooms and laboratories have Internet Connectivity.

Human Resources:

The Faculty boasts of very highly qualified and experienced lecturers, laboratory technicians, IT technicians and supporting Administrative Staff.

Library Resources:

The library is well-equipped with volumes of information technology books, serials and electronic databases such as CD-ROMs and electronic journal subscription and Internet Connectivity.

Computer Laboratories:

There are two computer laboratories in the Campus, purposely built for use by students of the Faculty of Technology. There is also Internet wireless access on all campuses.

History of College

While the country struggled against the deadly EBOLA virus outbreak in 2014/15, BlueCrest persevered with the good people of Sierra Leone and continued to remain open thereby showing solidarity with the nation in the moment of dire need.
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Step 1: Ensure that you have met the admission requirements for the programme that you are interested in.

Step 2: Fill up Pre-application form and submit it to the Counsellor for the counseling session.
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There are various stages an Academic student undergoes at NIIT from his/her inquiry for a program to its completion and final certification.
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Academic Policies

There are various stages an Academic student undergoes at NIIT from his/her inquiry for a program to its completion and final certification.  


Admissions are open to all and no discrimination is made on the basis of gender, race, religion or caste provided they satisfy the criteria prescribed for admission, and is an equal opportunity process.   However, there are some eligibility criteria for admission to a program, depending on the course content, which will include a 30-minute “Aptitude Test” to evaluate the comprehension and analytical skills of the applicant. In addition to this, there might also be a “Pre-requisite Assessment Test”, to test the pre-requisite skills for admission to a particular program.

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