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Chairman's Message

Welcome to BlueCrest College, a high-tech tertiary institution. We provide various "hands-on" training for in-demand careers in the Information Technology and Management worldwide. BlueCrest has always been pioneering new industry-relevant programs based on the changing market needs.

BlueCrest's curriculum is designed and developed as a result of extensive research done at software factories, universities of higher learning and organizations employing human resources across the world. Add to this, NIIT’s own software development experience and you get our state-of-the-art education and training programs which are based on mastery of real-life situations/tasks, unlike the traditional theory-centred approach. The curriculum is delivered using state-of-the-art infrastructure and easy-to-follow training methodology which have become hallmarks at BlueCrest.

BlueCrest College is a leading institution in this fast-paced information age which believes in analyzing information by using the latest technology to enhance the existing paradigms and form new patterns. Therefore, you are assured of the nothing but the latest in the field of Information Technology, Management and other disciplines.

I hope you'll benefit from our specialized training. We'll do everything we can to help you succeed.


Dev Varyani
Chairman - Governing Council

History of College

While the country struggled against the deadly EBOLA virus outbreak in 2014/15, BlueCrest persevered with the good people of Sierra Leone and continued to remain open thereby showing solidarity with the nation in the moment of dire need.
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Step 1: Ensure that you have met the admission requirements for the programme that you are interested in.

Step 2: Fill up Pre-application form and submit it to the Counsellor for the counseling session.
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There are various stages an Academic student undergoes at NIIT from his/her inquiry for a program to its completion and final certification.
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Academic Policies

There are various stages an Academic student undergoes at NIIT from his/her inquiry for a program to its completion and final certification.  


Admissions are open to all and no discrimination is made on the basis of gender, race, religion or caste provided they satisfy the criteria prescribed for admission, and is an equal opportunity process.   However, there are some eligibility criteria for admission to a program, depending on the course content, which will include a 30-minute “Aptitude Test” to evaluate the comprehension and analytical skills of the applicant. In addition to this, there might also be a “Pre-requisite Assessment Test”, to test the pre-requisite skills for admission to a particular program.

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Mobah House, 77 Wilkinson Road

Post Box 1444, Freetown Sierra Leone

Tel: +232 99890033 / 99890077 /  79060706


WhatsApp: +232 77342000


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